Limited offer only! Get 1 FREE orange marking pencil for every box purchase of Listo #1620 Mechanical and Refillable marking pencil in green, white & yellow lead. (1 box = 12 pencils)

      • Write smoothly, boldly and comfortably with Listo 1620 China/Grease/Wax Marking Pencils in Green, White, Yellow and Orange (Free) ink.

      • The easy-gliding tip creates precise clean lines in variety of thinness and boldness perfect for drawings, sketching and more.

      What you are buying?

      You are buying Listo’s No. 1620 fully mechanical marking pencil also known as a grease or China marker, applicable in all surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, wood and even photographs. Marks can easily be removed using a dry cloth or tissue. This marking pencil is proven to be durable, with wax-based lead for bolder markings. It is completely non-hazardous and non-toxic which makes it perfect for all-ages use. Each box of Listo No. 1620 marking pencil contains 12 marking pencils in the shades of 4 green, 4 white and 4 yellow plus a bonus of 1 marking pencil in the shade of orange. This pencil can be refilled with any color 162 refill.

      How many are you getting out of the box?

      You are getting 12 + 1 Free Listo 1620 China/Grease/Wax Marking Pencils in 1 Box.

      The box are composed of the following ink colors; 4 Green, 4 white, 4 yellow and 1 Orange (free).

      Other stuff you should know about this product.

      Listo China Marking Pencils are often used as a construction or handyman’s marking tool, in the lab to mark glassware or even in school. It can also be used to mark a wet surface.

      Technical Specification:

      Brand: Listo

      Size:  2.6 x 1.1 x 4.6 inches

      Color: Green, White, Yellow and Orange

      Material: Plastic

      Capacity: 1.6 ounces

      Package quantity: 1 Box, 12 marking pencils (4 Green, 4 White, 4 Yellow and 1 Orange (Free) Ink)

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    12+1 Pcs Listo (#1620) Marking Pencil Mechanical/Refillable Multicolor Inks (Green, White, Yellow, Orange) - 1 Box

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