1 SKILCRAFT LUMINATOR™ Red Led Tactical Pen Pressurized Ink Capsule 1 Pack

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    The Ultimate LED Pen that retains night vision - SKILCRAFT LUMINATOR™ Red Led Tactical Pen. Buy now!

    • Write smoothly, boldly and comfortably with Skilcraft Luminator Red Led Tactical Pen.

    • Creates precise clean lines in variety of thinness and boldness  perfect for drawings, sketching and more.

    • A twist writing mechanism that writes over 3.5 miles and comes in pressurized ink filler that can write upside down.

    What you are buying?

    You are buying the ultimate red led tactical pen from Skilcraft. This Red LED light pen helps you to write in the dark. It has a non-reflective matte finish and is durable and rugged, as it can write in all weather including cold and wet conditions. Included in the package is one spare battery and one spare ink cartridge.

    How many are you getting out of the box?

    You are getting 1 Skilcraft Luminator Red Led Tactical Pen.

    What are the dimension of the product?


    Other stuff you should know about this product.

    Skilcraft pen is suitable for those always on-the-go because the pen is multi-function. You can use it wherever you are.

    Technical Specification:

    Brand: Skilcraft

    Size:  8 x 5 x 0.6 inches

    Capacity: 2.4 ounces

    Package quantity: 1 Red Led Tactical Pen

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