15 Pcs Mead Two Pocket Paper Folder 12" X 9" Various Designs (yellow, green, red, dark blue, light blue) - 15 Pack

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Get Mead's economy pack! 15 two pocket paper folders 12" X 9" in various designs for a much cheaper price.

  • Choose Mead Two Pocket Paper Folder in 12" X 9" inches.

  • Will organize your documents

What you are buying?

You are buying Mead two pocket paper folders that will keep and protect your important documents.

A paper folder comes in classical retro sports designs featuring vertical pockets with conversion tables, multiplication tables and tables of measurement. Assortment of 5 designs and colors - yellow, green, red, dark blue and light blue.  

How many are you getting out of the box?

You will be getting 15 pcs of two-pocket folders in various designs.

What are the dimension of the product?

The folder dimension is 12" X 9".

Other stuff you should know about this product.

Mead two pocket folders are made with heavy duty material and construction that will protect your documents from any spills, tearing or folding.

Technical Specification:

Brand: Mead

Size:  14.1 x 10.1 x 1.5 inches

Color: various colors


Capacity: 1.8 pounds

Package quantity: 15 folders

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