4 Set Skilcraft B3 Aviator Pen Refill Kit in Black & Red Inks Eraser and 0.5 Pencil Lead - 4 Pack

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    High quality B3 Aviator Pen Refill Kit by SKILCRAFT. Same quality from the original. The kit includes 2 BLACK & RED ink refills, 2 ERASER and 12 (0.5mm) LEAD

    • Write smoothly, boldly and comfortably with Skilcraft B3 Aviator Refill Kit (Ink, Eraser and 0.5 Pencil Lead) in Black and Red ink.

    • The medium-point tip creates precise clean lines in variety of thinness and boldness  perfect for drawings, sketching and more.

    What you are buying?

    You are buying a refill kit for Skilcraft B3 aviator multifunction pen that will extend the longevity of your writing pleasure. The writing and the ink flows are just the same as the original one. The set is composed of 2 black ink refills, 2 red ink refills, 2 erasers and 12 pcs of pencil lead in 0.5 mm. This is an all-American product produced by the blind that has complied with the requirements of Foreign Object Damage (FOD).

    How many are you getting out of the box?

    You are getting 4 packs of skilcraft B3 aviator multifunction pen refill kit. Each refill kit contains 2 black ink refills, 2 red ink refills, 2 white erasers and 12 pieces 0.5 pencil leads.

    What are the dimension of the product?

    The kit’s dimension is 6.8 inches long, 4 inches wide and 0.8 inches high.

    Other stuff you should know about this product.

    Skilcraft’s B3 aviator multi-function medium point pen in black & red ink and 0.5 millimeters pencil comes in one easily swappable pen used to input commands to a computer screen, mobile device or tablets.This convenient pen is applicable for any students and/or businessmen and businesswomen.

    Technical Specification:

    Brand: Skilcraft

    Size:  6.8 x 4 x 0.8 inches

    Color: Black & Red


    Capacity: 0.32 ounces

    Package quantity: 2 Black Ink, 2 Red Ink, 2 Erasers, 12 Lead - 0.5

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