8 Pcs Bazic "Yard Sale" Signs (9" x 12”) Durable & Weatherproof - 1 Pack

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    Attract potential buyers of your for sale yard by using Bazic durable "Yard Sale" Signs (9" x 12”)You will get 8 signs for a much cheaper price. Buy now!

    • "Yard Sale" Sign allows you to advertise your space and attract customers with these highly-visible signage.

    • It has strong adhesive and features durable finish to protect it against water and extreme temperatures.

    • The high-quality materials used makes signage look neat, organized and very professional.

    What you are buying?

    You are buying Bazic “Yard Sale” signage to get the word out about your yard that is for sale. Highly visible from a distance because of the high contrast lettering, bold white “Yard Sale” text with a white space below for fill in details against a reflective red background. Made of high-quality materials, plastic coated and designed to be weather resistant that will last through different weather conditions. Its size 9” x 12” inches is lightweight, easy to hang and easy to store so you can re-use it. This durable signage is bold, looks professional and an eye-catcher, just exactly what you want for a “Yard Sale” sign. Package includes 8 “Yard Sale” signages.

    How many are you getting out of the box?

    You are getting 8 pieces of “Yard Sale” signages manufactured by Bazic.

    What are the dimension of the product?

    Each signage measured 9” x 12” inches.

    Other stuff you should know about this product.

    Bazic “Yard Sale” signage looks professional and an eye-catcher that will increase the chance to make your sale a success. The text won’t run or fade easily and won’t blow away or fold during a windstorm.

    Technical Specification:

    Brand: Bazic

    Size: 9x12”

    Color: White Text, Red Background

    Material: Durable Plastic

    Package quantity: 8 “Yard Sale” Signs

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