BAZIC Art Palette With 19-Mixing Wells And Grip Thumb Hole - 1 Pack

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    Create your masterpiece by using Bazic Art Palette w/ 19-Mixing Wells & Grip Thumb Hole. Great quality at a very low price!

    • Learn tons of easy craft and project ideas with BAZIC 19-Mixing Wells Art Palette With Grip Thumb Hole

    • Great for activities such as kids crafts, scrapbook making and school projects.

    • Easy to use on watercolor and squeeze tubes glitter glues.

    • Expand your creative ideas.

    What you are buying?
    You are buying Bazic art palette that has mixing wells and grip thumb hole. A white plastic paint palette with 19 separate compartments that holds different types of paint. This is made of molded white plastic, durable, easy to clean and can be stacked for convenient storage. Designed to be durable and lightweight for long time use. This is very useful and practical because you can put all the colors you want in just one palette. Ideal for professional painter, amateur painters, and all aspiring artists.

    How many are you getting out of the box?
    You will be getting 1 BAZIC 19-Mixing Wells Art Palette With Grip Thumb Black Hole.

    What are the dimension of the product?

    Other stuff you should know about this product.

    This durable and reusable paint palette can be widely used such as in school, community events, art classes/ lessons or paint projects and etc.

    Technical Specification:
    Brand: Bazic
    Size: 13 x 4.6 x 0.2 inches
    Color: 19 wells

    Material: Plastic
    Capacity: 5.6 ounces

    Package quantity:1 x palette

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